Hi, I am Sonja and welcome to my website.

Who is Sonja? I've been a swinger & nudist my entire adult life. However - a couple of years ago I took off on my big sex adventure. I became a legal courtesan in NV, made 4 porn films, and documented what I learned in my 2nd book "Sex Warrior". Now - I've taken the next step. I was given the position of Madam/Courtesan at the 1st theme brothel in the U.S - The Alien Cathouse in Armagosa, NV. in July 2012. In just under a year, we won Small Brothel of the Year & I was offered the Madam-on-the-Menu position at Love Ranch Vegas in Crystal, NV as well.

I'm interested in just about every sexual diversion & love trying new things. Being both the Madam AND a courtesan should serve those cravings well as I will be able to influence the ambiance & organize events at the sister-brothels. I would love to hear your fantasies, opinions, or any info you'd like to share about your fetish. Also - I'm interested in any events you would find appealing. Ultimately, though, I'd like to do you (or let you do me).
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