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These Stories Are Extremely Sexually Graphic & Shockingly Kinky. Stop Reading Now If You’re Homophobic Or Don’t Like Stories About Dominant, Manipulative Slut Wives Who Trick & Use Their Gullible Little Dick Husbands. These Stories Clearly Illustrate How A Beautiful Woman (& Frequently Her Well-Endowed Lovers) Can Be Driven To Psychologically Manipulate, Occasionally Flagellate, & Sexually Dominate Her Pathetic Husband.
   Barry sits heavily on the park bench. His shoulders slump with an invisible weight that bears down on him. By all accounts, this should be the happiest time of his life. He’s just married a beautiful girl and they’ve just “enjoyed” a honeymoon in Jamaica. He sighs. At least SHE enjoyed herself. He’s still in shock and trying to deal with the fact that his bride is not just a slut, but a slut who craves big black dicks and turns her nose up at his pathetic pink member. His mind can’t help replaying one scene after another from the honeymoon.
   They were just checking in at the front desk when she started flirting with the Jamaican desk clerk. She was distractingly obvious and, though he maintained his professionalism, that huge bulge in his pants clearly showed that he couldn’t help but respond to her. As they headed to their room, she called over her shoulder, “You know where to find me.”
  Barry protested, “Don’t you realize how inappropriate that is, Lilly? You’re embarrassing me.”
  She just shrugged. “Don’t be such a pussy, Barry. This is my honeymoon and I’m going to enjoy it.”
“Doug, we need to talk.”
 Doug moaned inwardly, but there was something about Holly’s demeanor that signaled that he should just sit and listen.
 Holly was unusually nervous. She had an envelope that she was fidgeting with. “You know I love you and I’m completely committed to our marriage…” her voice trailed and Doug’s heart sank. This can’t be going anywhere good, he thought. Holly continued, “This is very hard for me to talk about but it’s gotten to the point that I have to tell you.”
 Doug cleared his throat. “I love you, too, honey. What’s the matter?”
 Holly couldn’t look at Doug. She stared down at her hands and said, “For the past two months I’ve been seeing someone on the side.”
 It took a moment for her words to sink in before Doug asked incredulously, “You cheated on me?”
 Holly’s eyes snapped up and she looked Doug right in the eye. “I don’t consider it cheating,” she said. “I love you but I have needs you haven’t been able to take care of and this was my way to try to save the marriage.”
 Doug couldn’t believe his ears. First Holly admits to cheating and then she tries to turn the whole thing around as if it’s his fault. He opened his mouth to speak but Holly stopped him short when she pulled a stack of photos & a folded document from the envelope and slid them across the table for him to look at.
 The document was a petition for divorce. The top photo was an image of bull-like black man displaying an amazing erection. Doug could feel his neck and face getting hot as he started to file through the stack of photos. Each one showed an image of different well hung black men. A couple even had Holly in the picture. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that this was a picture of a gangbang. If Holly was able to lay with her creamy white legs wide to accommodate a black
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